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Clubs and Communities Home Page

First Time Club - Communites Visitor? Start Here

This is where people can join a club/community. We have set up the "Areas of Interest" you will see below. As we grow we will add more. Be sure to look over all the categories when looking for a club.  You can see examples of existing communities by clicking on one of listings in Areas of Interest, such as "American Motors".

Clubs/Communities have their own forums, photo albums, and e-mail lists. They can operate as if they are a stand alone website. All clubs/communities can be accessed directly from the Internet, without going through the Wild About Cars website. Once you are inside a club/community, a special menu will appear that will list what you can do to take part in all the activities of that group. Some communities may restrict these options, but the system will tell you if it is not permitted.

NOTE: If you have already joined a club/community - you will see them in the gray box on the left under "Communities I've Joined". Click on the name to go to that community. You may also go to "Popular Communities" by clicking on that club/community name.

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