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Load pictures of Olds race cars and other W-machines here!
NOTE: Keep your picture size no larger than 1500 x 1500 pixels.
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Just Some Great Images (127)
Oldsmobiles in action - not stock but WOW!
1964 442s (4)
It's a Bird, it's a Plane . . . No it's a 442!
1965 442s (33)
"400 cubic inches" is added to the "4" in 442
1966 W-30s (21)
The bad boy that started it all. GTOs beware.
1966 L-69 Cars (8)
The Tri-Carb car was no slouch.
1967 W-30s (25)
These guys kept the legend going
1968 W-30s (21)
The long stroke made torque but . . .
1968 Hurst/Olds (25)
Wow! I coulda used a 455 V-8!
1968 W-31s (32)
Are you sure that's only a 350?
1969 W-30s (12)
Still Hurstin' after all these years.
1969 Hurst/Olds (4)
No mistaking this for a Cutlass!
1969 W-31s (28)
Are you still sure that's a 350? You're kiddin' right?
1970 W-30s & W-25 Cars (75)
Strong on the street - initially handicapped at the strip; but then . . . especially when the W-25 Car was classified a class lower and could run the W-30 cam.
1970 W-31s (21)
The 1970 piece was as competitive as its earlier brothers. Surprisingly NHRA factored this car out of competition.
1971 W-25s & W-30s (11)
Properly prepped, these cars were as fast as the 70s
1972 Hurst Olds (5)
The 1972 W-30 in the Cutlass Supreme Body
1972 W-25s & W-30s (47)
Like the 71, except for compression and the loss of the 328 cam, these cars were tough. And the small block could run too!
1968-72 W-25 Cars (3)
Ram Air was available on all standard 442s and Cutlasses
1970-72 SX (14)
The replacement for the Turnpike Cruiser could be had with full 442 equipment - including W-25.
1970 Rallye 350 (11)
Option W-45 was a W-25 Cutlass with the 442's FE2, but it is unique and warrants a place in Olds history
1973-1975 Hurst Olds & 442 (9)
The days of hard core performance were done, but Olds was still trying - and the W-30 option was still a decent performer in its time.
1979-80 Hurst Olds (2)
Was it a performance car? Well when everyone else was just adding stripes - Olds added a 4-barrel 350. In those years, that was performance.
1983-84 Hurst Olds (3)
Like the 1979-80, this car was not a barn burner, but for the time, it was quick. It's also cool looking.
1966 & 1967 Hurst Hairy Olds (15)
This car wowed 'em back then.
1966 44 Too Much (17)
This car was much more a funny car than an exhibition vehicle
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