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Welcome to the Wild About Cars Mall.

The Mall is now open. Please be patient while we stock the mall with vendors and items for sale. We will notify members when the stores are open for business!

The mall works like an e-Bay store - but there are no transaction fees, no product loading fees - no hidden fees - only an annual store rental. Sign up now for a personalized tutorial on how to set up and use your store.  Click here to sign up.

Browse the Categories below where you will see the various stores by name.

You can also sign up for your very own storefront to sell products. You can choose from several different store types depending on your needs. The size storefronts available are shown below:

Member Mall
Major Store $125.00 3500 Kbs 250000 Kbs 300 250
Medium Sized Store $45.95 35 Kbs 200000 Kbs 100 80
Basic Store $29.95 35 Kbs 10000 Kbs 30 20

Mall Categories

Click on the categories below to find stores selling these items. You may also search for a product by name or type by using the "Search" box in the area at the upper left. That result will show all stores selling such an item.

All Merchandise - Vendors who sell all types of auto related merchandise.Apparel & Gear - Clothing and promotional products.Audio and Electronics - Stereos, alarm systems, GPS, and the like.
Auto Parts - Car parts, but not suspension, wheels & tires.Auto Services - Engine tuners & builders, transmission rebuilders and modifiers, etc.Car Club Services - Memberships, Club Apparel, Club Car Show and Meet Registrations
Chassis, Suspension & Wheels - Suspension systems, springs, shocks, wheels & tires.General Merchandise - vendors who sell non-auto related products.Literature - Books, magazines, manuals, journals, brochures, ads, & photographs.
Tools - Automotive tools and toll related supplies.