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Wild About Cars has a host of technical advisors - called "Subject Matter Advisors" or "SMAs". There can be more than one SMA for a particular vehicle make, model or even for a venue. For example, you might see more than one expert listed as "chassis expert, drag racing"; or you might see a few SMAs listed as "Engines - big block MOPAR". By looking at their credentials, you can decide if they have the right stuff to be able to help you.

Advisors may also contribute Technical Articles, Features and Tidbits - Our advisors may also write articles that may be of interest. Click here to visit our Tech Section.

Advisors may also have a Website on Wild About Cars - Our advisors may also host a website in our "clubs" section. Click here to visit the Clubs/Communites Section and look them up. Many work as advisors to their national car club. We suggest that if you like what they have to say, then join their club! If you are already a member of the club they support - let them know.

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1968 Oldsmobile W-31
 ...read the rest!

1968-1984 Hurst/Olds - Judy Badgley
Judy runs the research library for the Hurst/Olds Club, but she has huge knowledge of these cars. Best, Judy can put you in touch with knowledgeable H/...read the rest!

1970 Rallye 350 - Sam Casario
...read the rest!

1976-77 Olds 442
Brad has extensive knowledge of the 1977 442 as he has the car his parents bought new.  To learn about Brads car and his expertise, you can go to his ...read the rest!

1983 Hurst/Olds - Chris Connolly
Chris restored his 1983 Hurst/Olds from the ground up, including the engine, so he has a ton of knowledge aboout these cars.  He lowered his car and a...read the rest!