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1999 Mustang SVT Cobra Overview

This cutaway drawing shows the high level of technology employed in the 1999-2004 Cobra
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1999 Cobra

With the introduction of the "new edge" Mustang in 1999, came a new SVT Cobra. Though the New Edge design was for the most part a re-panelling of the old car it was considered a new model. The interior was similar to the 1998. Significant, however, was the independent rear suspension, unique to this Cobra and all others through 2004.

The 1999 Cobra used the newer returnless fuel system which helped Ford meet tightening emission standards. The new 1999 SVT Cobra also had an upgraded 4.6L DOHC engine with 320 HP @ 6000 rpm and 317 ft lbs of torque @ 4750 rpm.

However 1999 SVT Cobra owners were surprised with slow 0-60mph times and low chassis dyno power numbers even though Ford claimed that the new 4.6 had 15 hp more than the 1998 Cobra engine. On August 6th, 1999 Ford put a hold on 1999 Cobra sales and issued an in-house recallfor those that had been sold. As part of the recall, Ford replaced the intake manifold and computer components as well as the entire exhaust from the catalytic to the tailpipes. This resulted in a "true" 320 hp at the crankshaft.

IRS (Independent Rear Suspension)

The IRS Ford used was a bolt-in carriage replacing the live axle used in the normal Mustangs. This meant that both configurations could be swapped quite easily. On early IRS installations, SVT used an improper bolt on one of the attachment places where the IRS is connected to the body and frame. This caused a clunking noise from the car when shifting, since the IRS moved a little in its seating. Once known, this problem was solved by replacing the bolt in question.

All in all the car was a success, with 4040 Coupes and 4055 Convertibles sold., for a total of 8,095 units. This compared favorably with the 1998 model's sales of 8,654 - especially in light of the production stop and recall.

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The Cobra was crisp and aggresive looking in its "New Edge" Styling

The 1999 Cobra's 4-Valve made 320 HP after the Factory tweaked them.

The Cobra Convertible was also very good looking. The '99 drop top did not have a rear spoiler.

Unlike its Coupe brother - which sported the rear wing. Note the SVT emblem but the lack of "Cobra" embossed in the rear bumper cover.

Cutaway Detail of the 1999 IRS System

















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