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Home/Technical Info/Dodge/01. Engines/ 1964-1971
Hemi V8 - Late Series

Technical Information Pages

Hemi V8 - Late Series

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1964 Chrysler Hemi Exposed - CD Magazine

1964 Chrysler Hemi Exposed - CL Magazine

1964 Chrysler Hemi Exposed - MT Magazine

1964 Engineering Bulletin - Chrysler Hemi Maximum Performance Engines Described

1964 Specifications and Performance Tuning for the Dodge Hemi

1965 Comparison of the Hemi to the SOHC Ford - CD Magazine

1966 Deep Breathers: Chrysler Hemi & Ford SOHC Explained - CL Magazine

1966 Dodge Street Hemi Review - HRM Magazine

1969 Dodge Hemi Race Preparation - CC Magazine

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