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1993 Mustang GT and LX 5.0 Overview

1993 Mustang GT Hatchback Coupe
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The 1993 Mustang was the final year of the third generation Fox Body - much to the woe of many enthusiasts who fell in love with its light frame. As in the previous year, Ford continued to offer the LX and GT trim options. With the LX available in either a 2.3L inline four-cylinder or a 5.0L Windsor V8. The GT, of course, retained the 5.0 Windsor V8.

This year, Ford used new cast hyper-eutectic pistons on the V8 and and re-rated 5.0L at lower power rating of 205 horsepower, but it is unknown what prompted the change, as the engine was little different from the previous year. It is assumed that may have been nothing more than the result of revised rating methods.

All models included a higher wattage radio with an easy-to-read display. The convertible had a new headliner. There were seven new exterior colors. New options included a compact disc player and an electronic premium cassette radio. The GT and LX 5.0 utilized the cast aluminum 16-inch wheels and performance tires introduced in 1991.

Regardless, in this last year of Fox Body, production was strong, with 114,228 Mustangs produced, of which 43,887 were GTs and LX 5.0s. (Production numbers below).


Auto Trans 0 - 60 mph 8.0 seconds

0 - 1/4 mile 16.1 seconds

Manual Trans 0 - 60 mph 6.7 seconds

0 - 1/4 mile 15.1 seconds

Engine Displacement 4949 cc / 302.0 cu in
Bore/Stroke 4.00 in x 3.00 in
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Horsepower 205 hp @ 4200 rpm
Torque 275 ft lbs @ 3000 rpm
Redline 5900 rpm
Transmission 5-Speed Manual
Rear end final drive 2.73:1 std; 3.27:1 optional (anti-spin)

Front  Modified Macpherson strut type, with progressive rate coil springs, and anti-roll bar
Rear Solid axle located by four trailing arm setup, with linear rate coil springs, and anti-roll bar


10.84 in. vented disc single-piston caliper

9.0 in. drum

Four wheel anti-lock standard

Wheels 16 x 7 in. 5-spoke cast aluminum
Tires P225/55/ZR16

Other General Specifications
Wheelbase 100.5
Length 179.6
Width 68.3
Height 52.0
Front/Rear Track 56.6/57.0

Coupe, LX 5.0 sport  3035
Fastback, LX 5.0 sport  3096
Convt., LX 5.0 sport  3259
Fastback, GT 3144
Convertible, GT 3365

Coupe, LX 5.0 sport  $13,296
Fastback, LX 5.0 sport  $14,710
Convt., LX 5.0 sport  $20,293
Fastback, GT $15,747
Convertible, GT $20,848

Coupe, LX 5.0 sport  7,135
Fastback, LX 5.0 sport  9,376
Convt., LX 5.0 sport  6,382
Fastback, GT 14,459
Convertible, GT 6,535
TOTAL 43,887
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1993 Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible

1993 Mustang LX Standard Interior

1993 Mustang GT Optional Leather Seating Surfaces Interior.

1993 Mustang GT Convertible

1993 Mustang LX 5.0 Hatchback

1993 Mustang LX 5.0 Coupe in Police Pursuit Livery
















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