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1993 Mustang SVT Cobra and Cobra R Overview

The 1993 Mustang Cobra in Vibrant Red Clearcoat (ES)
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Download the 1993 Mustang Cobra Brochure 1993_Ford_Mustang_SVT_Brochure_1-10.pdf

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For 1993, the Mustang lineup received an additional model - the  limited edition Cobra and Cobra R to go along with the standard LX and GT series. This special Mustang featured a 230 HP version of the GT's 5.0-liter V-8, utilizing specialty parts from Ford's own SVT catalog. Also part of the package was five-speed manual transmission only, 17-inch aluminum wheels, a different front fascia from both the LX and GT as special rear spoiler and unique ground-effects trim.

Featuring more subdued styling than the GT, the only exterior colors offered were Black Clearcoat (UA), Teal Metallic Clearcoat (RD), Vibrant Red Clearcoat (ES), and for a rare nine cars, Vibrant Red non-Clearcoat (EY).

The following items were unique to the car:

  • Cylinder Heads: Ford GT-40 "High Flow" Cast Iron heads were installed, milled to achieve 62.5 cc combustion chambers. Valve sizes measured 1.84" (46.7 mm) for the intake, and 1.54" (39.1 mm) for the exhaust. The valves were actuated by 1993 Cobra-specific 1.7:1 ratio aluminum roller rockers produced for Ford by Crane Cams. (Part Numbers: Heads: F3ZZ-6049-B, Intake Valve: F3ZZ-6507-A, Exhaust Valve: F3ZZ-6505-A, and Rocker Arm: F3ZE-6529-AB).

  • Intake Manifold: The upper manifold was unique to the 1993 Cobra and had a 2.75" (70.0mm) diameter round throttle body opening, diverting air into eight round staggered ports, each 1.64" (41.7 mm) diameter. The lower manifold was identical to the GT-40 manifold used by Ford Racing; it redirects airflow to a rectangular port configuration as needed by the cylinder heads. (Part Numbers: Upper Manifold: F3ZZ-9424-C, Lower Manifold: F3ZZ-9424-D).

  • Camshaft: The camshaft remained a hydraulic roller type (similar to the 5.0 HO, however, the Cobra cam was unique. Its specifications were: 0.479"/0.479" intake/exhaust lift, and 209°/209° duration at 0.050". It had different lobe separation at 118.3°. (Part Number: F3ZE-6250-CA).

  • Air/Fuel Delivery: The increased airflow and fuel consumption of the Cobra as compared to the standard 5.0 HO required a larger 24 lb/hr fuel injectors, 2.75" (70.0 mm) MAF meter, 2.56" (65.0 mm) throttle body, and matching EGR plate. Also included was a specially calibrated X3Z EEC-IV engine control unit runs the system. (Part Numbers: Injectors: F1TZ-9F593-C, MAF Meter: FIZF-12B579-AA, ECU: F3ZF-12A650-CA).

  • Accessories: The crankshaft pulley diameter decreased by 14% as compared to the standard 5.0 HO to under-drive the alternator, A/C, and smog pump. The water pump pulley was also decreased in diameter in order to preserve the ratio of pump speed, and coolant flow. The smaller accessory pulleys also required a shorter serpentine belt. (Part numbers: Crank Pulley: 3ZZ-6A312-A, Water Pump Pulley: F3ZZ-8509-A, Serpentine Belt: F3ZZ-8620-A).

  • Exhaust: The Cobra used tuned mufflers with lower restriction as compared to the standard 5.0 HO equipped cars. The factory headers and H-pipe remained the same, but the tailpipes were similar to that of a Mustang LX 5.0L Sport model in that they had straight stainless steel tips vs. turn-down tips on the GT. This was also because the Cobra had a revised rear fascia, allowing for an exposed dual exhaust more in the vein of the LX 5.0. (Part numbers: RH Muffler: F3ZZ-5230-A, stamped F3ZC-5230-CC, LH Muffler: F3ZZ-5230-A, stamped F3ZC-5232-DC).

  • Transmission/Clutch: The increased engine output of the Cobra's engine required the an upgrade be made to the  Borg-Warner  T-5 transmission. This consisted of custom gearing for ratios 1st- 3rd reduced by 10% and the gear sets hardened, and with 4th/5th merely hardened. The clutch pressure plate received a higher clamping force, but it was the same 10.5" diameter as in the GT/LX.

  • Shocks/Struts: The Cobra used shocks and struts manufactured by Tokico, and were specifically valved for the Cobra. (Part Numbers: Front Struts: F3ZZ-18124-A, Rear Shocks: F3ZZ-18125-A.

  • Brakes: The Cobra received 10.84" vented front and 10.7" vented rear disc brakes.

The Cobra R:
A special Cobra "R" model was produced in 1993. It featured larger brakes that were 13" directionally vented in front and 10.5" radially vented in rear rear, special Koni shocks and struts, an engine oil cooler, a power steering cooler, and a factory rear seat delete. The wheels were special 17" 5-lug wheels painted gloss black.

The Cobra "R" was intended as a track car, therefore air conditioning and a stereo system were not offered. (Because of the race only intention, the car did not come with a warranty). Each of the 107 produced were offered in Vibrant Red only. The price of the R was $26,692 vs. $21,578 for the standard Cobra.

Ford attempted to make sure that these limited edition models of the Cobra were not sold to collectors, thus every buyer had to have an active and valid racing license in order to be able to purchase these cars, regardless some found their way to collectors via resale.

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The 1993 Mustang Cobra in
Teal Metallic Clearcoat (RD)

The 1993 Mustang Cobra in
Black Clearcoat (UA)

The Standard Cobra
Engine Compartment

The Standard Cobra Interior

The 1993 Mustang Cobra R

The 1993 Mustang Cobra R showing
the special wheels fitted.
These wheels were available
in 1994 on regular GTs

The Cobra R Engine Compartment.
Note absence of A/C Compressor

The Cobra R Interior.
Note no back seat, and looking forward,
no A/C controls or radio.














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