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Home/Technical Info/Pontiac/01. Engines/ Heads/
1.0 Pontiac Cylinder Head Casting Numbers

Pontiac Cyl Head Casting Numbers - 1956-1968
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1956-81 Cylinder Head Casting Numbers Pontiac_Cyl_Head_Casting_Nos_-_1956-1981.pdf

Information about this item:

In the history of the modern Pontiac V8, a multiple of cylinder heads were cast, especially beginning in 1963.

We would welcome statisical information that would clarify or correct the casting numbers and adding any missing part numbers. If you have any additional or corrected information, please contact us at

The image at the right is a chart of known factory casting and part numbers. You may also download this chart by selecting it from the gray area on the left.

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Pontiac Cyl Head Casting Numbers - 1969-1981

Pontiac head casting codes will always be found where the red arrow is pointing. In later engines, the number shown by the green arrow will indicate the application. In this case, this combination indicates a late series 400 with the W72 option.




















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