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Home/Technical Info/Dodge/05. Paint & Body/A. Paint Chips & Codes/ 1960s Paint Chips & Codes/
1968 - 1969 Dodge Charger Paint Chips, Colors, Color Codes & Mix Codes

1968 Charger in Paint Code Q - Bright Blue
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Paint Chips, Colors & Color Codes & Mix Codes

These pages contain paint chips and body/color codes for the years shown. The colors are merely a screen representation and are NOT to be used for color matching. If no link is shown, please contact a professional who will have the color chips - or contact Ditzler directly.

In most cases, we have included links to the Ditzler website where all major paint manufacturer/retailer paint mix codes are listed by the vehicle manufacturer's body paint code.

Click on the color name to be sent to the Ditzler Website for the paint mix codes for the Body Paint Code selected.

1968 Dodge Charger

A Silver
B Black
C Medium Blue
D Pale Blue
E Dark Blue
F Light Green
G Racing Green
H Light Gold
J Medium Gold
K Light Turquoise
L Medium Dark Turquoise
M Bronze
P Red
Q Bright Blue
R Burgundy
S Yellow
T Medium Green
U Light Blue
W White
X Beige
Y Medium Tan
33 Charger Red
66 Dark Green

1969 Dodge Charger

A4 Silver
B3 Light Blue
B5 Bright Blue
B7 Medium Blue
B9 Dark Blue
E7 Cordovan
F3 Light Green
F5 Medium Green
F6 Bright Green
F8 Dark Green
L1 Beige
Q4 Light Turquoise
Q5 Bright Turquoise
R4 Charger Red
R6 Red
T3 Light Bronze
T5 Copper
T7 Dark Bronze
W1 White
X9 Black
Y2 Yellow
Y3 Cream
Y4 Gold
Y6 Citron Gold
999 Bahama Yellow
999 Orange
999 Rallye Green
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1969 Charger R/T in Paint Code X - Beige





















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