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Tech Pages contain information compiled from other sources rather than original materials. Original material is found in the Factory Publications Section of the Library. If you are looking for original information, click HERE to go to that Section.
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Welcome to the "Techipedia" Pages

"Techipedia" is technical material that has been put together from multiple sources by the the staff of the Auto History Preservation Society. Some of the page navigation may automatically direct you to the Auto History Preservation Society's Digital Documents Library for extracts from period magazines, journals, factory materials, and other reliable sources. Where possible, materials are filed by Brand, and if not, they will be found in the non-brand related Sections listed at the top of this page.

The Automotive History Preservation Society Digital Documents Library provides these materials for educational, or research, or personal use. You should not republish these materials for financial gain without informing the original author or publisher who may still hold the copyright for such materials.

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the info provided, however if you see errors or omissions, please send an e-mail to our Technical Editors - Click HERE to do that.

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