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Home/Technical Info/Oldsmobile/ 10. Specifications/
Official Oldsmobile Production Figures - 1897 thru 2004

Page one of the production figures from the book
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Oldsmobile Production Figures - 1897 thru 1955 Pages_from_Oldsmobile_Production_Figures_1897-1955.pdf
Oldsmobile Production Figures - 1956 thru 2004 Pages_from_Oldsmobile_Production_Figures_1956-2004.pdf

Information about this item:

This is the complete production history of Oldsmobile from beginning to end.

These production figures are extracted from the Book: Setting the Pace: Oldsmobile's First 100 Years by Helen Jones Earley and James R. Walkinshaw.

Oldsmobile and the GM Heritage Center consider these to be the official Oldsmobile production numbers.

The years 1997-2004 are contained in the supplement to Setting The Pace titled Oldsmobile, The Last Chapter. These production figures provided to us courtesy of Dan Gulino.

Both publications are still available from the RE Olds Transportation Museum, click here

There are two files; 1897-1955 and 1956-1997. Please click on the title in the box at the top of the page, to download the files.

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