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1946 Olds Custom Cruiser - Ninety Series Overview

1946 98 Club Sedan
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Information about this item:
1946 Olds Custom Cruiser - Ninety Series

The Custom Cruiser Series 98 was the top of the line Oldsmobile for 1946. Just three models were offered and all powered by the "Fire-Power" straight eight engine. Most equipment found standard on the 60 and 70 series cars was also standard on the 90 models. Other standard equipment included: wraparound bumpers, DeLuxe instrument cluster, clock, rear seat arm rest and foam rubber seat cushions. Available upholstery spanned either leather, broadcloth or Bedford cord. Tire size was 7.00 x 15 inches.

Custom Series Engine and Transmission

Engine: Fire-Power Eight-cylinder: Technical features included electro-hardened aluminum pistons, I-beam connecting rod design and automatic choke with fast idle feature.
  • Displacement: 257 cubic inches
  • Bore and stroke: 3-1/4" x 3-7/8"
  • Cast iron block. L-head
  • Six main bearings. Solid valve lifters
  • Carburetor: Carter two-barrel Model WDO-503S
  • Compression ratio: 6.5:1
  • Brake horsepower: 110 @ 3600 RPM


  • Three-speed manual with column shifter was standard.
  • Fully automatic HydraMatic transmission was optional.

Convenience Options

Condition-Air heater and ventilating system - Dual-flow heater and defroster - DeLuxe radio - Standard radio - DeLuxe plastic steering wheel - Electric clock - Directional signals - Safety spotlight - Auxiliary driving lights

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1946 98 Four-Door Sedan

1946 98 Convertible Coupe




















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