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2001 Mustang SVT Cobra Overview

Visually, you needed to be clued in to tell a 2001 from a 1999
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2001 Cobra Data Sheet 2001_SVT_Mustang_Sheet.pdf

Information about this item:

While the 2001 Cobra shares almost all the same components of the 1999, some changes were made including:

  • The engine block was changed from the Teksid block to the Windsor Aluminum Plant or WAP block. The WAP block is regarded to be weaker than the previous Teksid block. Some 2001s received the Teksid, either from the factory or as a replacement motor.
  • Revised cylinder heads. 

Due to what th eengineers considered insufficient cooling around cylinders #6, & and 8 which could allow the valves to overheat and therefore seat improperly, Ford remedied the situation by issuing a change order specifiying removal and replacement of  the affected heads with a version that featured altered coolant flow.

The following chages in the interior and exterior were made from the 199 model to the 2001 model:

  • Cobra-specific seats with a combination of leather and Alcantara [suede-like microfiber] inserts and lager headrests - 1999 Cobras had normal Mustang seats.
  • Rear bumper reads "COBRA", instead of "MUSTANG", as fitted to the 1999 Cobra.
  • A rear badge on the trunklid was changed to say "SVT" instead of "SVT Cobra" vs.  the 1999 Cobra.
  • New steering wheel and upgraded Mach audio.
  • The wheels for the 1999 and 2001 are the same 17x8 design, however the '99 & '01 were standard with silver powder coated aluminum wheels, but the 2001 had the option of polished wheels in the same style.
  • The T-45 transmission in the 1999 model was replaced by the T-3650 in the 2001 model.
  • The axle shafts and differential were changed from 28 splines to 31 splines for 2001.
  • The rear deck lid spoiler was redesigned.
  • The original two-piece audio unit consisting of radio with tape deck and a separate CD player was upgraded to a larger, single face 6 disc unit.
  • The center console and trim were redesigned.
  • The buttons for the fog lights, the rear window defroster and the anti skid system were moved to a panel below the new radio.
  • The emergency brake was fitted with a 'boot' of leather to cover the hole in the console where it protrudes.
  • The headlights were changed from a chrome background to a black background. These headlights are sometimes referred a "smoked" or "tinted" but this only refers to the black background. In both cases, the lenses are clear and identical to 1999 (these headlights were actually first used in the 2000 Cobra R - for the 2001 model year they were standard on all Mustangs).
  • The color of the odometer digits and instrument cluster lighting was slightly changed.

See the 2001 Cobra Data Sheet Brochure - Click Here

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Ditto for the convertible.

The interior was upgraded on the 2001 Cobra, a change that would carry through all the way to the 2004 model.

Unlike the 1999 Cobra, the 2001's rear bumper cover says "Cobra"

Externally, the 2001 Cobra 4-valve DOHC V8 is a mirror to the 1999. Many changes are within, HP is the same.


















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