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1949 Oldsmobile Models Described

The 1949 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday Hardtop Coupe was unique to the
top series Oldsmobile, costing even more than the convertible.
When combined with the new Olds Rocket V8 - the car was revolutionary.
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Download the 1949 Oldsmobile Foldout Brochure - as printed 1949_Olds_FO_Brochure_Inside-Outside_pages_1-18.pdf
1949 Oldsmobile Production - All Series 1949_FO_Brochure_pts_1-18_in_slices.pdf
1949 Oldsmobile Foldout Brochure in viewable slices

Information about this item:

1949 Oldsmobiles - General

Oldsmobile would retain a six cylinder engine through 1950, but 1948 was the last year for three different sized series and the end of the line for the 66 Series. The 76 was now the bottom-of-the-line Oldsmobile.  Except for power plant, the 76 and 88 were nearly identical. Introduced a bit later than the other two series, the 88 was the logical combination of the all-new Rocket V-8 motor from the 98 series with the new, lightweight, "Futuramic" 76 chassis.

Production for 1949 was 287,710 vehicles, a leap of 116,912 over 1948, of which one-third - 99,276 - were the new "Rocket" 88.

1949 76 SERIES -

Seventy-Six Oldsmobiles had no series identification on the body - but otherwise were identical to the 88. Standard 76 equipment included safety glass, bumper guards, dual horns, dual sun visors, cigarette lighter, and solenoid starter. DeLuxe equipment featured foam rubber seat cushions, front and rear floor mats, special external chrome moldings, clock, DeLuxe steering wheel, wheel trim rings, and turn signals. Upholstery choices were Bedford cord, broadcloth, and leather. 

1949 88 V-8 SERIES -

Eighty-Eight Oldsmobiles had an expanded chrome trim on the bottom of the front fenders with "Futuramic" embossed into the stamping. Above this trim stood "88" in chrome. Otherwise, the car was indistingishible from the 76 line. Standard equipment and DeLuxe equipment packages were nearly identical to those listed in the 76 series. Upholstery selection could be made from leather, leather and cloth combinations, Bedford cord, or broadcloth. 

Thirteen standard colors were offered with eight factory two-tone combinations.

1949 Ninety-Eight V-8 SERIES -

This was the second year for "Futuramic" styling in the top of line Oldsmobile series and the first year for Rocket V-8 power. Ninety-Eight Oldsmobiles also had the expanded chrome trim on the bottom of the front fenders with "Futuramic" embossed into the stamping; however, no  "98" was located above this moniker. Olds used the 98 Series this year to introduce its popular two-door Holiday true hardtop coupe model which was not available in the 76 and 88 series. A wagon was not available in the 98 line.

Standard equipment included all items basic to the 76-88 series plus foam rubber seat cushions, windshield washer, and turn signals. The DeLuxe 98 package had a rear center seat armrest, front and rear floormats, special chrome body moldings, electric clock, DeLuxe steering wheel, stainless steel wheel trim rings, and hydraulic window, seat, and top controls on convertibles. Upholstery choices were Bedford cord, broadcloth, leather, and leather/cloth combinations.

Oldsmobile Engines -

  • 76 Series - L-head six-cylinder. Cast iron block. Displacement: 257 CID. Bore and stroke: 3.532" x 3.375". Compression ratio: 6.5:1. Horsepower: 105 @ 3200 RPM. Torque: 202 @ 1400 RPM.  Four main bearings. Solid valve lifters. Carburetor: Carter WA1 one barrel, model 709S or 763S with automatic choke.

  • 88 and 98 Series - Overhead valve V-8. Overhead valves. Displacement: 303 CID. Bore and stroke: 3.750" x 3.4375". Compression ratio: 7.25:1. Horsepower: 135 @ 3600 RPM. Torque: 263 @ 1800 RPM. Five main bearings. Hydraulic valve lifters. Carburetor: Carter WGD two-barrel, models 714S, SA, or 849S

Chassis -

  • Wheelbase: 76 and 88 Series 119.5" 98 Series 125.0".
  • Overall length: 76 and 88 Series 202.0". 98 Series 213.0"
  • Front tread: 57.0".
  • Rear tread: 59.0".
  • Tires: 76 Series 7.10 x 15. 88 and 98 Series 7.60 x 15.

Powertrain Options -

  • A column shifted three speed manual transmission was standard equipment on all Seventy-Six models.
  • Eighty-Eight and Ninety-Eights came standard with the HydraMatic transmission which was an $185 option on the Seventy-Six.
  • Heavy-duty air cleaner $4.40
  • Oil filter $9.

Significant Options -

  • Auxiliary driving and fog lights ($19).
  • Backup lights ($15).
  • Cadet visor ($30).
  • Condition-Air heater/defroster ($67).
  • Exhaust extension ($2).
  • Glove box light ($2).
  • Hood ornament ($5).
  • License plate frame ($2).
  • Outside rearview mirror ($3).
  • Spotlight ($26).
  • Stainless steel wheel rings ($10).
  • Standard radio ($88).
  • Super deluxe radio ($96). 
  • Traffic light viewer ($5).   
  • Trunk light ($2).
  • Turn signals ($21).
  • Under hood light ($2). 
  • Vanity visor mirror ($2).  
  • Windshield washer ($9). 

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The 1949 Olds 98 Holiday Convertible was the next in line by price and a handsome ride.

1949 98 4-door Sedans were the most popular in the Series, selling 57,821 units

The 1949 98 Club Sedan was a slick-looking ride, and 20,049 were sold, next highest in the line.

98 Series cars had no "98" above the "Futuramic" nameplate

1949 76 and 88 Series cars were identical except for the badging on the 88 shown at top left. This is the Club Coupe.

The 76-88 Convertible could be trimmed as luxuriously as the 98 - all could have hydraulic window and seat controls.

The 1949 76-88 Town Sedan was the sleek sister to the 4-door sedan (below).

The 76-88 4-door sedan was the roomiest of the series and sold 83,891 units in total.

The 1949 76-88 2-door Club Sedan was a popular choice and a sleek looking hot rod if an 88 was chosen.

The 76-88 Series Station Wagon was the most expensive in both series - 1,355 V8 wagons were sold in 1949.

1949 Oldsmobile Production - All Series










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