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1958 Cadillac Models Described

The 1958 60 Series Special Fleetwood is a gorgeous piece. However, that rear overhang looks longer than a present-day BMW Mini. Regardless, 12,900 were sold.
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Information about this item:

1958 CADILLAC - GENERAL: Cadillacs for 1958 were basically carryover models with a facelift on all but the Brougham. There was a new grille featuring multiple round 'cleats' at the intersection of horizontal and vertical members. The grille insert was wider, and the bumper guards were positioned lower to the parking lamps. New quad (dual) headlamps were seen throughout all lines, and small chrome fins decorated the front fenders. Tailfins were a bit less pronounced, and trim attachments were revised.

All-new was an extended-deck Series 62 sedan which was 8.5 inches longer than other base models.

1958 SERIES 62 V-8: The word "Cadillac," in block letters, appeared on the fins of Series 62 base models. On the sides of the car were five longer, horizontal wind splits ahead of the unskirted rear wheel housings. The front fender horizontal moldings with crests were placed above at the trailing edge, and no rocker sill trim was used. The convertible, Coupe Deville, and Sedan Deville used solid metal trim on the lower half of the rear fender conical flares leading back to the tail lights, while other models had a thin ridge molding in the same location.

Body Style Number 6239E(X) was the new Series 62 Extended Deck Sedan. As in 1957, export sedans were shipped in crated, knocked-down form to foreign countries.

1958 SERIES 62 ELDORADO V-8: 62 Series Eldorados had a V-shaped ornament and model identification script mounted on the deck lid. These two luxury Cadillacs also had ten vertical chevron slashes ahead of the open rear wheel housings and crest medallions on the flanks of the tailfins. Broad, sculptured beauty panels decorated the lower rear quarters and extended around the wheel opening to stretch along the body sills.

Five special Eldorado Biarritz convertibles were built with completely automatic top riser mechanisms and metal tonneaus. The system incorporated humidity sensors which activated the top riser mechanism in case of rain. These cars were fitted with four-place bucket seating and custom leather interior trims including driveshaft tunnel coverings. There was also a "Special Eldorado Coupe" available. It was a special-order model built in limited quantities.

1958 SERIES 60S FLEETWOOD V-8: The Sixty Special was very distinctive and rich-looking this year. Broad, ribbed, stainless steel fairings decorated the entire rear quarter panel below the conical flare. Even the fender skirts featured this type of trim which extended fully forward along the body sills. "Sixty Special" in script was placed on the sides of the tailfins, and "Fleetwood" in script was found on the rear deck lid. Standard equipment included Hydra-Matic, power brakes, power steering, power windows, and fore-and aft power front seat.

1958 SERIES 70 ELDORADO BROUGHAM V-8: The major change for the Eldorado Brougham was seen inside the car. The interior upper door panels were now finished in leather instead of the metal finish used in 1957. New wheel covers also appeared. As in 1957, the car retained its “suicide” type rear doors and a brushed stainless steel roof. The exterior ornamentation included wide, ribbed lower rear quarter beauty panels extending along the full rocker sills and a rectangular sculptured side body "cove" highlighted with five horizontal wind splits on the rear doors. The rear quarter styling treatment was similar to the Series 62 Eldorado.

As in the previous year, standard equipment included all possible accessories and now included a 335 HP, three two-barrel V-8, low-profile tires with thin whitewalls, automatic trunk lid opener, "memory" seat, cruise control, high-pressure cooling system, polarized sun visors, Signal-Seeking twin speaker radio, electric antenna, automatic-release parking brake, electric door locks, dual heating system, silver magnetized glove box drink tumblers, cigarette and tissue dispensers, lipstick and cologne, ladies' compact with powder puff, mirror and matching leather notebook, comb and mirror, Arpege atomizer with Lanvin perfume, automatic starter with re-start function, Autronic-Eye, drum-type electric clock, power windows, forged aluminum wheels, and air conditioning.

Buyers of Broughams had a choice of 44 full leather interior trim combinations and could select such items as Mouton, Karakul or lambskin carpeting. Forty-four trim combinations were available along with fifteen special monotone paint colors.

1958 SERIES 75 FLEETWOOD V-8: The long wheelbase limousine and nine-passenger sedans were available once again, equipped as in 1957, both with auxiliary seats. They had the same basic side trim as Series 62 models.

MODEL/ENGINE I.D. DATA: Serial numbers now used a three symbol prefix. The first pair of numerical symbols "58" designated model year. A one-letter alphabetical code (included as part of model number in the Production Figures chart enclosed) indicated model and series. Each prefix was followed by the consecutive unit number which started at 000001 and ascended. The serial number was located at the front of the left-hand frame side bar. Motor serial numbers again matched the body serial number and were found on the center left-hand side of the block above the oil pan.

The symbol "X" in brackets after the Body Style Number indicated that power windows and seat were optional. Body numbers without brackets around the "X" indicated that these features were standard.


  • 10 Black
  • 12 Alpine White
  • 14 Cheviot Gray
  • 16 Prestwick Gray
  • 18 Camelot Gray
  • 20 Daphine Blue
  • 24 Somerset Blue
  • 26 Cobalt Blue
  • 28 Turquoise
  • 29 Peacock
  • 30 Acadian Green
  • 32 Versailles Green
  • 36 Regent Green
  • 40 Calcutta Cream
  • 42 Alamo Beige
  • 44 Buckskin
  • 48 Tahitian Coral
  • 49 Meridian Taupe
  • 50 Dakota Red
  • 90 Olympic White
  • 92 Rajah Silver
  • 94 Argyle Blue
  • 96 Gleneagles Green
  • 98 Desert Gold Bronze
  • 110 Ebony
  • 112 Chamonix White
  • 116 Wimbledon Gray
  • 118 Deauville Gray
  • 122 Lake Placid Blue
  • 124 Copenhagen Blue
  • 126 Fairfax Blue
  • 132 Jamaican Green
  • 134 Laurentian Green
  • 136 Plantation Green
  • 140 Manila Cream
  • 144 Sandalwood
  • 148 Kenya Beige
  • 149 Nairobi Pearl


  • Series 60-62-75 V-8. Overhead valves. Cast Iron Block. Displacement: 365 CID. Bore and stroke: 4.00" x 3.625". Compression ratio: 10.25:1. Horsepower: 310 @ 4800 RPM. Torque: 405 @ 3100 RPM. Five main bearings. Hydraulic valve lifters. Carburetor: Carter AFB four-barrel Model 2862S.

  • Eldorado Special V-8. Overhead valves. Cast Iron Block. Displacement: 365 CID. Bore and stroke: 4.00" x 3.625". Compression ratio: 10.25:1. Horsepower: 335 @ 4800 RPM. Torque: 400 @ 3200 RPM. Five main bearings. Hydraulic valve lifters. Carburetor: Carburetors: Three (3) Rochester two-barrel Model 7015801.


  • Wheelbase: Series 62 129.5", Series 60S 133.0",  Series 70 126.0" Series 75 149.7" The commercial Series 75 chassis utilized a 158" wheelbase. This was provided for construction of funeral cars, ambulances, etc.
  • Overall length: Body Style 58K 216.8". Body Style 58G, 58J, 58F 221.8". Body Style 58N, 58L 225.3". Body Style 58M 225.3". Body Style 58H, 58E 223.4". Body Style 58R, 58S 237.1".
  • Front tread: All - 61.0".
  • Rear tread: All - 61.0".
  • Standard tires: Series 75 8.20 x 15 6-ply blackwall, Series 62 Eldorado 8.20 x 15 whitewalls, Series 70 8.40 x 15 high-speed thin whitewalls, All Others 8.00 x 15 blackwall.


  • Hydra-Matic drive, power steering and power brakes were standard in all Cadillacs.
  • The 335 horsepower Eldorado engine with triple two barrel carburetion was used on all Eldorados as standard equipment. This engine was also optional for all other Cadillacs.
  • Dual exhaust system was standard.


  • Air conditioning ($474).
  • Air Conditioning, Series 75 ($625).
  • Air suspension ($214).
  • Automatic headlamp beam control ($48).
  • Automatic heating system for Series 75 ($179); for other models ($129).
  • Blue Coral waxing ($25).
  • Door guards, four-door d ($7).
  • Door guards, two-door d ($4).
  • Eldorado 3 2-barrel engine in other models ($134).
  • Electric door locks on coupes ($35); on sedans ($57).
  • E-Z-Eye Glass ($46).
  • Fog lamps ($41).
  • Gold finish grille on Eldorado (no charge); on other models ($27).
  • License plate frame ($8).
  • Lubrication agreement ($34).
  • Monogram ($12).
  • Power windows ($108).
  • Radio with antenna and rear speaker ($164).
  • Radio with rear speaker and remote control on Series 75 only ($246).
  • Remote control trunk lock ($43).
  • Sabre spoke wheels, five count ($350).
  • Seat adjuster, posture type ($81).
  • Seat adjuster, Six-Way $103).
  • Undercoating ($5).
  • Utility kit ($15).
  • White sidewall 8.20 x 15 four-ply tires ($55).

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: This would be the last year for domestic production of the hand-built Eldorado Brougham at Cadillac's Detroit factory. Future manufacturing of the special bodies would be done by Pininfarina of Turin, Italy.

PRODUCTION: 1958 model year sales were down to 124,011 from 1956's 146,841. The recession had hit even Cadillac's affluent buyers. See the detailed production in the attached Production Figures chart.


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The 1958 Eldorado Brougham was a refined version of the '57. Only 304 were produced. Perhaps the ultra-wealthy were feeling the Recession’s pinch.

The slippery-looking 1958 Eldorado Convertible was huge for such a sporty-looking car. At 5,070 lbs., only the Series 75 and the Brougham outweighed it.

The 1958 Eldorado Coupe was more all-season practical than the Biarritz convertible, but only 855 were sold. Perhaps it wasn’t flashy enough? Some say the fins did not work with the coupe body.

The 1958 Coupe DeVille was one of the most popular Cadillacs, with 18,414 produced.

The 1958 Sedan DeVille was the best selling Cadillac for that year with 23,989 delivered.

The 1958 Series 62 convertible remained popular with 7,825 sold. The bits of added chrome did not detract from its long, classy look.

The new "Extended Deck" 1958 Series 62 hardtop sedan fell between the 60S and the standard Series 62 model Hardtop Sedan. It was quite popular with 20,952 sold.

The old standby - the 1958 Series 62 4-door hardtop sedan - was the most reasonably priced 4-door Cadillac. It sold 13,539 units, with the new extended deck model cutting into sales.

The 1958 Cadillac Series 62 coupe was the most reasonably priced at $ 4784 and lightest Cadillac – weighing only 4,630 lbs. With optional 335 HP Eldorado power, it would have been the "hot rod" of the line. A total of 18,736 were sold.

The 1958 Series 75 sedan was the largest, heaviest and longest Cadillac at 237.1inches. Other than the Brougham, it was the most expensive at $ 8,460 - $ 8,675. Even so, 1,532 were sold.

This page from the brochure shows the 1957-58 Cadillac "X" frame and discusses the 365 CID V8.



1958 Cadillac Production - All Series







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