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1954 Mercury Models Described

At 9,761 sold, the 1954 Mercury Monterey Sun Valley hardtop, with its tinted Plexiglas front roof, was more popular than the convertible.
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1954 Mercury - General

In 1954 all Mercurys featured wraparound vertical taillights. This was the most noticeable styling change made that year. The grille was modestly restyled but was still integrated with the front bumper. "Mercury" was written in chrome on the rear fenders, above the mid-body spear. New ball joint front suspension improved handling and ride qualities.

The biggest news was the new OHV V-8. Co-designed with Ford, the Mercury version was larger at 256 CID and featured more horsepower at 161. The 36 HP increase made for a much more responsive car, and the engine was a more willing performer at higher RPM. Torque was up to 238 ft. lbs. as well, making for better starts and passing.

Mercury production for 1954 was 259,305, down from 1953's 305,863 units. Much of this could be attributed to the brand's huge success of 1953 and the fact that the restyle was hardly noticeable in an era of constant body changes, and 1955 would change that.

1954 Mercury Custom - SERIES 4M

The Custom was little changed in either styling or options, except as noted above. There were only three Custom models, 2-door hardtop, 2-door sedan, and 4-door sedan.

Mercury standard equipment was similar to 1953, featuring cigarette lighter, electric clock, locking glove compartment, twin horns, two sun visors, arm rests on each front door, foot control for headlights with beam indicator on instrument panel, two ashtrays in the rear compartment, Friction-lock, ventilating windows in front, dimming control for instrument lights, luggage compartment light, and spare wheel and tire in luggage compartment. Power window lifts and seat adjustment were standard on the 6-passenger convertible and available at extra cost on all models but the station wagon.

1954 Mercury Monterey - SERIES 4M

The Monterey featured its name written in chrome above the side trim on the rear fender. It had a medallion near the tip of the side chrome spear on the front fenders. Chrome rocker panels and fender skirt were standard.

The most unique Monterey was the "Sun Valley" hardtop coupe. The front half of its roof had a green-tinted, plexiglass section. As in previous years, the station wagon had simulated wood trim.  Five models were featured, 2-door Sun Valley hardtop, 2-door hardtop, convertible, station wagon, and 4-door sedan.

Body Colors -

  • 01 India Black 
  • 02 Atlantic Blue 
  • 03 Lakeland Blue 
  • 04 Mohawk Maroon 
  • 05 Granby Gray 
  • 08 Country Club Tan 
  • 10 Bloomfield Green 
  • 11 Brentwood Brown 
  • 12 Glenoaks Green 
  • 15 Parklane Green 
  • 17 Bittersweet 
  • 18 Yosemite Yellow 
  • 21 Siren Red 
  • 22 Arctic White

Upholstery -

  • Vinyl and cloth in closed models.
  • Vinyl and nylon in Convertible.
  • The Station Wagon used vinyl.

Mercury Engines -

  • OHV V-8. Cast iron block. Displacement: 256 CID. Bore and stroke: 3.62" x 3.10". Compression ratio: 7.50:1. Horsepower: 162 @ 4400 RPM. Torque: 238 @ 2200 RPM. Carburetor: Holley 2140 four-barrel.

Chassis - All Models -

  • Wheelbase: 118".
  • Overall length: All - 206.2"
  • Front tread: 58.0".
  • Rear tread: 56.0".
  • Tires: 7.10 x 15, Monterey Convertible and Wagon 7.60 x 15.

Powertrain Options -

  • Merc-O-Matic automatic transmission was optional.
  • Three-speed manual column mounted transmission was standard.
  • Touch-O-Matic Overdrive was optional

Significant Options -

  • Chrome rocker panels (on Custom).
  • Fender skirts (on Custom).
  • Four-Way power seat.
  • Heater.
  • Power brakes.
  • Power steering.
  • Radio.
  • Solex glass.
  • Whitewall tires.
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The 1954 Mercury Monterey convertible was a sharp-looking piece, and 7,293 were delivered.

The most popular 1954 Mercury was the Monterey 2-door hardtop with 79,533 produced.

Next in popularity for 1954 was the Monterey 4-door sedan at 65,995 sold.

The 1954 Mercury Monterey station wagon was wood-sided and only available as a higher priced offering. A total of 11,656 were delivered.

The 1954 Mercury Custom 2-door hardtop sold well, though it directly competed with the more upscale Monterey version. Production was 15,234.

The best-selling 1954 Mercury Custom was the 2-door sedan with 37,146 produced.

The 1954 Mercury Custom 4-door sedan sold well with 32,687 delivered - just a bit under the 2-door's numbers.

The big news for 1954 at Mercury was the OHV V-8. Note how the intake passages for the two side-by-side cylinders were fed in an over/under fashion rather than the normal practice.


1954 Mercury Production - All Series


1954 Mercury Production - All Series









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