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1956 Mercury Models Described

The Montclair convertible was the top dog in the 1956 Mercury line. It was only out-priced by the Monterey station wagon, and 7,762 were produced.
An additional 2,311 convertibles were produced in the Custom line.
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1956 Mercury - General

Dual exhausts were standard on all Montclairs and Montereys. Almost 90 percent of 1956 Mercurys were sold with automatic transmission, 78 percent had whitewall tires, 88 percent had backup lights, and virtually all (96 percent) had heaters. Only about 1 percent were equipped with air conditioning. Mercurys won five NASCAR Grand National races in 1956.

A new name was selected for Mercury's lowest-priced car, the "Medalist."  It replaced the Custom at the low end, and the Custom was slotted in just under the Monterey with a full line of models. Monterey returned, with the new 4-door hardtop and a special version called the "Sport Sedan." Station wagons were found in the Custom and Monterey lines only.

The hooded headlights, vertical "chubby cheek" taillights, and bumper-integrated grille were changed only slightly. All 1956 Mercurys had a large "M" medallion on the front of the hood, and the word "Mercury" was spelled out in block letters on the center horizontal grille bar. Biggest news was the introduction of the 4-door hardtop across the Mercury line. Another announcement was the increase in cubic inches in the "Y-Block" V-8 -- this time to 312 CID. Horsepower, with the "Power Pack," was 225 and, later, with the M-260 option, 260.

Mercury production for 1956 was steady at 327,943, just a bit less than 1955's 328,808. It appeared that the public liked the brand's unique styling -- just different enough from Ford and Lincoln to stand out.

1956 Mercury Medalist - SERIES 6M

The Medalist featured a more frugal use of side chrome and lacked the front bumper guards found on the more expensive series. The Medalist, though the low-priced line, featured 2- and 4-door hardtops and sedans. The Medalist two-door sedan also used slightly less side trim than all other Mercury models -- indicating it was the least expensive Mercury model.

1956 Mercury Custom - SERIES 6M

Visually, chrome window trim was the main styling difference between the Custom and the Medalist. Inside, the interiors were slightly upgraded over the entery-level car.

Both the Custom and Medalist were delivered with the 210 HP 312 CID V-8.

1956 Mercury Monterey - SERIES 6M

The 1956 Monterey looked much like last year's model. Montereys featured heavy chrome trim around the side windows and chrome rocker panels. The side body molding made a lightning bolt pattern as it moved front to rear. "Monterey" was found in chrome script on the front fenders.

1956 Mercury Montclair - SERIES 6M

Top-of-the-line Montclairs had a narrow color panel surrounded by chrome trim below the side windows and chrome rocker panels. A round medallion was placed near the tip of the front fender side trim. "Montclair" in chrome script was found on the front fenders. The four-door Sport sedan was replaced, early in the model year, by a four-door hardtop called the "Phaeton".

Body Colors -

  • 01 Tuxedo Black
  • 03 Delta Blue
  • 04 Lauderdale Blue
  • 05 Niagra Blue
  • 07 London Gray
  • 08 Pinewood Green
  • 14 Heath Green
  • 15 Glamour Tan
  • 17 Grove Green
  • 18 Verona Green
  • 19 Saffron Yellow
  • 20 Cambridge Green
  • 23 Classis White
  • 31 Persimmon
  • 05A Tyrolean Blue
  • 18A Spring Valley Green
  • 21A Carousel Red

Upholstery -

  • Vinyl and cloth in closed models.
  • Vinyl and nylon in Convertible.
  • The Station Wagon used vinyl.

Mercury Engines -

  • Mercury Standard OHV V-8. Cast iron block. Displacement: 312 CID. Bore and stroke: 3.80" x 3.44". Compression ratio: 8.00:1. Horsepower: 210 @ 4600 RPM. Torque: 312 @ 2600 RPM. Carburetor: Holley 4000 four-barrel.

  • Mercury Optional OHV V-8. Cast iron block. Displacement: 312 CID. Bore and stroke: 3.80" x 3.44". Compression ratio: 9.00:1. Horsepower: 225 @ 4600 RPM. Torque: 324 @ 2600 RPM. Carburetor: Holley 4000 four-barrel.

  • Mercury M-260 Optional OHV V-8. Cast iron block. Displacement: 312 CID. Bore and stroke: 3.80" x 3.44". Compression ratio: 10.00:1. Horsepower: 260 @ 5000 RPM. Torque: 345 @ 2800 RPM. Carburetors: Two Holley 4000 four-barrels.

Chassis - All Models -

  • Wheelbase: passenger Cars 119" Station Wagons 118"
  • Overall length: Passenger Cars 206.4" Station Wagons 201.7"
  • Overall height: Montclair 58.6" Station wagon 62.45" Others 61.2"
  • Front tread: 58.0".
  • Rear tread: 56.0".
  • Tires: 7.10 x 15 Wagon 7.60 x 15.

Powertrain Options -

  • A three-speed manual transmission was standard.
  • Overdrive optionalMerc-O-Matic automatic optional
  • The 225 HP V-8 was available on cars with automatic transmission.
  • The M-260 2-four barrel engine was available on all Mercurys in mid year.

Significant Options -

  • Air Conditioning.
  • Four-Way power seat.
  • Heater.
  • Padded dash.
  • Power brakes.
  • Power steering.
  • Power windows.
  • Radio.
  • Solex glass.
  • Two-tone paint.
  • Whitewall tires.


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The new kid for 1956 at Mercury was the 4-door hardtop, available in all series. This Montclair version was expensive, yet 23,493 were sold.

The 1956 Montclair 4-door with "Sport Sedan" trim. The Sport Sedan featured bright trim around the windows, and 9,617 were delivered.

The 1956 Montclair 2-door hardtop was very sporty and popular. With 50,562 were produced, it was the most popular of any Mercury that year.

The 1956 Monterey 4-door hardtop was very stylish and accounted for 10,726 in sales.

The 1956 Monterey 2-door hardtop was the second-most popular Mercury with 42.863 delivered.

In 1956 the Montclair line offered two 4-door sedans. The Sport Sedan, shown here, was an upscale version with more brightwork, and 11,765 were made.

The 1956 Mercury 4-door sedan was a bread-and-butter car with 26,735 sold.

The top-of-the-line wagon for 1956 was the Monterey version. It was the most expensive Mercury, and 13,280 were produced.

The 1956 Mercury Custom 2-doorhardtop was another popular car with 20,857 were sold.

The 1956 Mercury Custom 4-door hardtop sold well with 12,187 delivered.

Another standby was the 1956 Custom 4-door sedan. It covered the lower end of the sedan market, and 15,860 were produced.

The 1956 Mercury Custom 2-door sedan was another good seller at 16,343.

The 1956 Mercury Custom Wagon came in 6- and 8-passenger configurations, and 17,770 were sold.

Shown here is the Medalist 2-door sedan. The medalist line offered a 2- and 4-door hardtop and a 4-door sedan as well. Note the lack of trim and hubcaps. This was the car likely fitted with the M-260 V-8.


1956 Mercury Production - All Series





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