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1961 Buick Large Car Ads

Le Sabre presented a slimmer and trimmer image for 1961. Body sculpturing allowed for a relatively light application of exterior bright work. "LeSabre" script was located on the front fenders, along with the typical three ventiports. The Turbine Drive automatic transmission was standard on the 1961 LeSabre along with a revised "Mirromagic" instrument panel. LeSabre Estate Wagons had a standard all-vinyl interior, with cloth and vinyl optional. A power rear window was standard on the three-seat Estate Wagon. Production for the 1961 LeSabre was 113,326, a drop from 1960, however it is likely that the Buick Special/Skylark stole many of these sales.

Buick's slightly sportier performance line, the Invicta, was graced with additional moldings to set it apart from the LeSabre, but it shared the three ventiports per front fender. "Invicta" nameplates were used on each front fender and the rear deck. Full wheel covers  as a standard feature also set the Invicta apart from the LeSabre. Standard trim was cloth and vinyl, except for the Convertible which was all-vinyl. Two optional Custom interiors were offered; leather trim and also vinyl front bucket seats with a storage console. Invicta production was 28,373, down from 74,023, however the loss of the wagon and the bread-and-butter 4-door sedan account for most of that reduction.

The famous top of the line Electra featured bright rocker panel/wheelhouse moldings for 1961. As usual 4 ventiports per front fender were a hallmark, with "Electra" identification spelled out on the front fender plaques. Interiors were trimmed in fabric. However, leather and cloth vinyl trim in many combinations was available. Two-tone Electras had a color accent on the rear cove. Electra production was also down to 47,923, but the 4839 series 4-door hardtop was not offered, accounting for a loss of almost 8,500 units.


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1961 Buick Electra Convertible Ad "Waiting for someone important"