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1981 Mustang Ads

The 1981 Mustang was largely unchanged from 1980. There was a new Traction-Lok differential, power side windows became available, and reclining seats were now standard equipment. The new option of the 1981 Mustang was the availability of a T-Top in both hatchback and notchback bodied Mustangs. The 2.3L I-4 was listed as an available option in 1981 – availability of the turbo engine became limited later in the model year due to reliability issues.

The 1981 Cobra returned to the lineup, but it was only available with the de-stroked 4.2L V8 as the 2.3L turbo was discontinued. The 1981 Cobra used a 2.26:1 final gear ratio, and the 4.2L V8 was only available with a 3 speed automatic transmission. The 1980 rear-window louvers and the Carriage roof were once again available.

There was a new trim level available for the coupe, called the "S". It came with limited options and the base 2.3L engine. A 14" cast aluminum 16-spoke wheel was optional for all models except Cobra. The TRX 15.5 X 5.9 wheels returned for their final model year as standard equipment for the Cobra, and were optional for all other models.

Production: 182,552.

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1981 Ford Mustang, red T-roof (8.1 x 10.8) 1 page.
1981 Ford Mustang, 3-door, white (8 x10.8) 1 page.
1981 Ford Muatang, 3-door t-roof, red (10.8 x 7.9) 1 page.
1981 Ford Mustang, convertible, red (10.7 x 8.1) 1 page.
1981 Ford Mustang, 3-door/sunroof, yellow (10.75 x 8.1) 1 page.