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1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ram Rod 350 (W-31) Photos and Press Releases

PR photos were sent to all automotive journalists, newspapers, magazines and any other media for use in any articles contemplated.

The 1968 W-31 was a surprize to almost all who followed Oldsmobile. Penned in Experimental and as a result of lessons learned in the Can-Am series, the W-31 was dropped like a bombshell on the media. Was it fast? Ask all the competitors at the NHRA Nationals where the Chesrown W-31 took Stock eliminator.

The idea of a high performance small block resurfaced in 1967 when the engineers doing air flow and dyno testing for Can-Am discovered that big block heads on a 350 delivered over 400 HP (albeit at 6500 rpm with little low end).

In June of 1967, when the flow bench people tried the big block valves in 350 heads, they were stunned, the flow figures actually flowed better at low rpm than the big block. When a fully blueprinted 350 with the 1967 W-30 cam and springs (what became the W-31) was placed on the dyno over 400 HP was realized at 5900 rpm - and the motor climbed to 6800 rpm with no valve float. Engineering knew they had a winner. It didn't take long, and by January 1968 the W-31 was launched.

The photos are high resolution and if copied to glossy photo paper will represent like the original.

Donated by Bob Gerometta

PLEASE NOTE: Many of our files are available in higher resolution TIFF files or can be converted by our staff to this media. Please contact us at if you need higher resolution images for publication. Some older images were not created at high resolution initially, so high resolution copies may not be available.

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1968 Cutlass "Ram Rod 350" PR Photo Collage
1968 Cutlass W-31 Package PR Announcement (attached with the photo)
1968 Cutlass W-31 Press Release Announcing the Option