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1959 Buick Ads

In a radical departure from the Harley Earl styling of the '50s, GM moved to a "futuristic" look for 1959, with "wings very prominent in the design. Only Chevrolet out did the effect over Buick, who definitely made the car look like a jet or rocket ship, depending on your impression.

The driver for this change was plunging sales in 1957 and 1958, but what was not yet apparent was that the country was entering a recession, and the overindulgent styling of the eariler years, plus the reduction in available buyers was likely more the cause.

The design did regenrate some new buyers and Buick sales dis in crease form 1958 (285,089 vs. 241,908), but 1960 would prove that it was more a declining marketplace rather than styling, when sales one again plunged.


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1959 Buick Ad "You own a lot of future when you buy a Buick now" (9x13)
1959 Buick Ad "Whatever you have in mind, you're better off with a Buick!" (12x17)
1959 Buick Ad "If you can afford any new car, you can own this new class of fine car" (12x16)
1959 Buick Ad "In so many wonderful ways - you're better off with a Buick!" (9x12)
1959 Buick Ad "Your eyes, your heart, your good sense, tells you it's the car" (12x17)