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1957 Chysler Car Ads

The 1957 Chrysler's styling was crisper than the '56 model and it was larger as well, but the US recession had started and people were looking for cars that weren't so large, and yet were still luxurious. As such, Chrysler sales sagged, down fromĀ 128,3225 to 122,273. It was a bite, but not threatening.

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1957 Chrysler Ad "It makes all other road travel seem second class"
1957 Chrysler Ad "You'll love the way it honors and obeys you"
1957 Chrysler Ad "Everything says luxury but the price"
1957 Chrysler Ad "It's scoring a grand slam in hearts!" (10x14)
1957 Chrysler Canada Ad "A step ahead of tomorrow" (11x15) Note: Canadian cars were not allowed dual headlamps.
1957 Chrysler Canada Ad "Million-dollar magic - so easily yours!"