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1979 Mustang Ads

The new 1979 model year Mustang was based on the larger Fox platform, initially developed for the Ford Fairmont and Mercury Zephyr that debuted in 1977. Body styles included a coupe and hatchback.

The only trim level available over the base model was the Ghia and a Cobra option. Engine choices included the 88 hp 2.3 L inline-four, 109 hp 2.8 L Cologne V6 made by Ford of Europe, and the 140 hp 302 CID Windsor V8. Supplies of the 2.8 L proved inadequate leading to it being replaced in late 1979 with Ford's 85 hp 3.3 L straight-six. A new 132 hp 2.3 L turbo four-cylinder debuted that offered similar horsepower to the V8. The 2.3 and 2.3 Turbo and V8 models could also be optioned with the newly developed TRX handling suspension, which utilized Michelin 390 mm tires and specific metric wheels.

The Mustang was again chosen as pace car at the Indianapolis 500. Ford commemorated this with an "Indy 500" pace car edition, available with the 2.3 L Turbo with mandatory four-speed manual transmission or the 302 CID V8 with either the 4-speed or three-speed automatic transmission. The three Pace Cars used at Indy were fitted with a T-roof.

10,478 pace cars were produced, out of a total of 369,936 Mustangs , up from 192,410 in 1978.

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1979 Ford Mustang, Introducing the New Breed (16.4 x 10.9) 4-page spread.
1979 Ford Mustang, 3-door, red/Notchback,white (8.3 x 10.8) 1 page.
1979 Ford Mustang, notchback,white/3-door,red, Introducing the New Breed (8.2 x 10.9) 1 page.
1979 Ford Mustang, notchback,white/3-door,red, Introducing the New Breed (16 x 10.8) 2-page spread.
1979 Ford Mustang, 3-door, yellow (16.25 x 10.76) 2-page spread.
1979 Ford Mustang, 3-door, Indy Pace Car (16.3 x 10.8) 2-page spread.
1979 Goodyear Tire, Mustang Indy Pace Car (16.4 x 10.9) 2-page spread.
1979 Ford, Monroe, Firestone, Valvoline, Mustang Indy Pace Car giveaway contest (16.3 x 10.85) 2-page spread.
1979 Ford/Motocraft, Mustang Indy Pace Car, 3-door, silver (8 x 10.9) 1 page.