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1974 Pontiac Catalina/Bonneville/Grand Ville Ads

Full-sized Pontiac received only minor design changes this year. The front header panel/grille was flattened and placed entirely above the even more massive new five-mph, crash-absorbing bumper. Five-mph bumper systems were also mandated by federal law for rear end installation.

Pontiac was hit especially hard by the fall of 1973 Arab/OPEC oil embargo of the U.S. motoring market. With nothing smaller than the compact Ventura to offer the consumer market Pontiac sales fell 36% this sales year. The industry as a whole was adversely affected by the oil embargo by nearly 30%.

Magazine advertising budgets were also severely reduced this year. Did the oil rationing and subsequent price increase force automakers to divert as much ready funding to new product development (read smaller, designs offering better gas mileage) as possible, thus serving to reduce advertising? Maybe, but whatever the cause, pickings were certainly sparse for Pontiac advertising this year.

Catalina production total: 110,599
Bonneville production total: 20,560
Grand Ville production total: 44,494

Pontiac production total: 580,748


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1974 Pontiac Bonneville Sport Coupe, blue (16.5 x 10.93) 2-page spread