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1965 Mercury Mid-Size Car Ads

Mercury had always had a "larger" compact than Ford in the early 60s, but the Comet was noting more than a stretched Falcon. All that had changed in 1964 When Ford introduced the Fairlane as a true mid-size car (making the mistake of keeping the narrow engine bay, which would really hurt muscle car sales by limiting the car to the Ford small block and not the FE engine series).

So too for the Comet, which also sported a special upscale model called the Caliente. With the change had also come the Cyclone, a distinct performance model. Surprisingly, though the model was distinct, and was a package sporting among other things, a 210 HP 289, sport-type buckets and HD suspension, the engine options were less than the Fairlane which could be had with the 271 HP Hi-Po - not so for the Caliente. Strange.

Regardless, the Cyclone/Caliente sold well in 1965 for 67,966 units, though less than 1964's 74,915. The anomoly was that while total combined Comet sales were down, from 189,196 to 165,052, the Cyclone sales were up from 7,454 to 12,347. What that tells the 21st Century analyst is that performance was selling and Mercury needed a "big block" to compete. Help was on the way.


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1965 Mercury Caliente Convertible Ad "Beautiful sequel to success"
1965 Mercury Caliente Ad "With all that talk about Comet durability, you might overlook Comet beauty - don't" (10x14)
1965 Mercury Cyclone Ad "This one will drive you out of your ever-loving mind"
1965 Mercury Caliente Ad "The durability Champion gets bigger engines"
1965 Mercury Cyclone Ad "Born for Action. Racy New Comet Cyclone"
1965 Mercury Comet Caliente Ad "They drove 3 Comets from the bottom to the top of the world."
1965 Mercury Caliente Ad "With all that talk about Comet durability, you might overlook Comet beauty - don't" (B&W)
1965 Mercury Comet Caliente Ad "Remember Comet Durability? It's back with bigger engines"
1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone Ad "Racy new '65 Comet Cyclone - has a tailwind 100,000 miles long"