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1969 Javelin Ads

Javelin sales for 1969 were somewhat under the previous intro year, due in some part to the AMX stealing the car's thunder. They were so similar in looks that many potential buyers thought thet the Javelin was a downscale AMX, when in fact it was a five passenger pony car, rather than a two-seat sports car.

It was surely competitive with the others in the field and sold more than the Plymouth Barracuda, but it should have sold more, given its solid styling, great performance and price. New for 1969 was also a specialty version, the "Big Bad Javelin", that came in three special colors, "Big Bad Orange," "Blue" or "Green" - with color-keyed bumpers, a roof spoiler, and an optional "C" Rally Stripe in black. It could be had as a base car or with all other Javelin options.

AMC's major marketing gaffe was that they never clearly defined the difference between the Javelin and the AMX, and they made the two cars look too similar, something they were forced to do by the economies of their smaller corporate coffers.

As a result of the confusion, Javelin sold 40,675 units, down from the 55,124 of 1968.


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1969 Javelin Ad "Big Bad Javelin"