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1969 SCRambler Ads

The Rambler SC/Rambler called "Scrambler" was an extrapolation of AMC's earlier Rogue 1968 343 muscle car. The 343 Rogue had been a hit and capable of mid-high 14 second times with the right rear gear.

Dropping in the AMX 390 Go Pack engine resulted in a super car, capbale of 13 second ETs in totally stock form and the 12s in drag race trim. Build by Hurst for AMC, they could just as well be sent down the Rogue assembly line, as aside from some neat paint and the OAI scoop, they were a parts bin option.

1,512 SC/Ramblers were produced, after only 500 were considered, showing that AMC could excite the go fast crowd.


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1969 AMC SC/Rambler Ad "A Rambler that does the quarter mile in 14.3"