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1975 Oldsmobile 260 V-8 PR Photos

PR materials were sent to all automotive journalists, newspapers, magazines and any other media for use in any articles contemplated.

1975 marked the debut of the 260 cubic inch V-8 for Oldsmobile. The smaller 260-cubic-inch (4.3 L) V8 was produced by decreasing the 350 cu. in,. V-8's bore to just 3.50". Surprisingly, even with this small bore, the engine was still "over square", with a 3.385" stroke. The major problem was valve shrouding because the original cylinder heads had never been desiigned for an engine bore of less than 3.875". Photos with an asterisk (*) are high resolution and if copied to glossy photo paper will represent like the original. Other items will reproduce exactly as were originally generated. 

This was the first GM powerplant to use the Rochester "Dual-jet"two-barrel carburetor which was the front-half of the famous Rochester Quadra-jet. Production of the 260 V8 ended in 1982.

The 260 engine was designed for economy - and was slated to be the first engine option above the 3.8L Buick V6 engine that had been made standard in many Oldsmobile models by the late 1970s.

While the 260 engines were not very powerful compared to the larger 350 and 403 V8 engines, fuel economy was almost as good as the base V6. Compared to the V6, the 260 was also smoother-running, and far more durable, since it was based upon the larger, sturdy 350 V-8.

Donated by Bob Gerometta

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1975 Oldsmobile 260 V8 PR Photo* (10x8)