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1975 Oldsmobile Starfire V-6 PR Photos

PR materials were sent to all automotive journalists, newspapers, magazines and any other media for use in any articles contemplated.

Buick's V-6 engine was developed in 1962 and used by many of the mid-sized GM cars until 1967, finally topping out at 225 cu. in. However, the V-6 was dropped after the 1967 model year in favor of a conventional 250 cubic-inch I-6 engine built by the Chevrolet division. The tooling was sold to Kaiser-Jeep and used there and later by AMC when they purchased Jeep.  

When GM realized that this motor had application in their new X-body and H-Body cars, GM made an offer to buy back the tooling and manufacturing line from AMC in April, 1974, and began building the engines in August of that year for it's H, X, and A body line for 1975 - a move made possible by the fact that foundations for the old V6 production machinery were still intact at Buick's engine assembly plant, so it was easy to put the old tooling back in place and begin production easily two years ahead of the normal schedule required to create new tooling for a powerplant.

The bore was enlarged to 3.8 in (96.5 mm), identical to the Buick 350 and Olds 307 V8s, yielding the new 231 cu in (3.8 L) displacement. Oldsmobile began using the 231 in it's vehicles in that year.

Photos with an asterisk (*) are high resolution and if copied to glossy photo paper will represent like the original. Other items will reproduce exactly as were originally generated. 

Donated by Bob Gerometta,
with thanks to Helen Early

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1965 Oldsmobile Starfire V6 PR Photo* (10x8)