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1967 Buick Large Car Ads

Buick large Cars for 1967 were delivered in two levels of trim, "Standard" and "Custom" with the Custom series being upscale. The LeSabre received a new body shell with a revised sweepspear sculpted into the sheet metal. A horizontal multiple bar grille was used, along with bright lower body moldings, with rear fender extensions on some models.

The traditional trio of ventiports was once again found on front fenders. "LeSabre" script appeared on the rear fenders and deck lid. The Custom received higher quality cloth and vinyl interior trim. The hardtop coupe was equipped with standard all-vinyl, front bucket seat interior.

The Electra, as usual, was Buick's largest, most luxurious series and was also restyled for 1967, sharing with lesser full-sized Buick's a return to sweepspear body side motifs. The Electra had its own horizontally-barred grille, distinct squared-off rear fenders and four ventiports on each front fender. The entire lower body was lined with bright metal, continuing even across the lip of the fender skirts. Full-width taillights were used at the rear. "Electra 225" script was found on the rear fenders. Interiors were cloth and vinyl.

The Custom featured higher grade interiors in cloth and vinyl. Vinyl bucket seats were an option for the Custom convertible. A special Custom "Limited" was available for the body style 48439 four-door hardtop. It received "Madrid" grain or "Bavere" cloth and vinyl upholstery with etched "Electra 225" emblems; walnut door and instrument panel inserts and dual storage compartments on the front seat backrests. "Limited" scripts were affixed to the roof sail panels.

LeSabre production climbed to 155.190 from 147, 399 in 1966. Electra had strong growth up from 88,225 to 100,304.


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1967 Buick Electra Ad "Now, Buick improves the ultimate" (10x14)
1967 Buick Electra Ad "The Ultimate Buick" (10x14)