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1963 Dodge Polara Ads

For 1963 the Dart name plate was passed down to the new small size car (that used to be the Lancer) and the former Dart line became the 330, 440, Polara and Polara 500.

Too many different names may have confused the buyer in advertising, and, in fact, Dodge brochures referred to the line as "full-size". Whatever, the car sold better than the previous year, due in no part to the looks that were not so "out there" as had been the previous car. And it didn't hurt that the Polara (and Dodge) name was getting a lot of press in the auto media, due to their drag racing successes.

The sales results for 1963 181,700 units versus 148,400 for the previous year, a sales success.


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1963 Dodge Polara Ad "426 cubes cool off any strip"
1963 Dodge Polara Ad "If you are looking for thunder this is where the lightning strikes"
1963 Dodge Polara Ad "Now lets talk about performance . . . oops!"
1963 Dodge Ad "Some days you win . . . Some days you lose."