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1973 Pontiac LeMans/Luxury LeMans/Grand Am Ads

All of GM's A-bodies received a complete makeover this year. The new body style was called the Colonnade hardtop. No convertibles were produced off of this platform.

Starting at the bottom of the Pontiac promotional ladder was the LeMans in hardtop coupe (2-door) and sedan (4-door) and 4-door station wagon versions. Next was the LeMans Sport Coupe featuring louvered vertical slats over the rear quarter windows, and upgraded the interior with bucket seats up front. The GTO option was offered as a 2-door on both of these model lines.

The Luxury LeMans, available in coupe or sedan, offered more trim appointments both inside and out, a standard V8 engine, rear wheel opening skirts, and a protection/decoration strip along the belt line.

New in the lineup this year was the Grand Am. This is everything the GTO had been in Pontiac's previous nine model year offerings. Dechromed, soft urethane-covered front nose, sporty appointments, handling-enhancing suspension packages, and powerplants up to 455 cubic inches (the Super Duty 455 was dropped before the start of production) all made for a distinctly attractive and unique offering. Unfortunately, the GTO would be relegated to the base LeMans or LeMans Sport Coupe, and would not be allowed to stretch its legs in the guise of the Grand Am coupe.

At this point, Pontiac had lost interest in the GTO idea and had turned their creative juicies loose on the Firebird and its performance Trans Am version. In fact there were no GTO ads released this year promoting the GTO option.

LeMans production total: 111,357
LeMans Sport Coupe production total: 50,999
Luxury LeMans production total: 43,293
Grand Am production total: 43,136

A-body production total: 248,785

Pontiac production total: 919,872


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1973 Pontiac LeMans Sport Coupe, blue (8.5 x 11) 1-page
1973 Pontiac Luxury LeMans, 4-door Sedan, brown (16.5 x 11) 2-page spread
1973 Pontiac Grand Am Sport Coupe & Sedan, silver (21 x 13.5) 2-page spread
1973 Pontiac Grand Am Sport Coupe & Sedan, silver (16.5 x 11) 4-page spread
1973 Pontiac Grand Am Sport Coupe, red (16.33 x 10.85) 2-page spread