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1957 Corvette Ads

For 1957, Corvette continued the styling of 1956 that would remain through 1962. Power was up due to an increase of cubic inches to 283, Fuel Injection, and a series of more aggressive camshafts. A 4-speed manual transmission was offered.

Chevrolet pushed power in 1957, with the magical 1 HP per cid touted in numerous ads. And that power was real, with the F.I. Corvette becoming one of the fastest production cars that you could buy and drive out of any showroom.

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1957 Corvette Ad "FI = 1 HP per Cu. In. x 283" (10x14)
1957 Corvette Ad "Fantastico - Even in Turin, no one has Fuel Injection" (10.5x15)
1957 Corvette Ad "There's a groove in every curve..." black & white (8 x 10.9) 1 page.
1957 Corvette Ad "Lesson from Lombard Street." black & white (8 x 10.9) 1 page.
1957 Chevrolet Corvette,turquoise/Bel Air, red (21 x 14) 2-page spread.