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1951 Cadillac Ads

For 1951, only a minor facelift and small trim variations were made top the Cadillac line. Miniature egg-crate grilles were set below the headlights. Larger, bullet shaped style bumper guards were fitted. On the dashboard, what we now call "idiot lights" were used to monitor oil pressure and electrical charge instead of gauges. All 1951 Cadillacs with full wheel discs featured a new type design lacking the popular Sombrero look.

The 60 Special Fleetwood sedan was face-lifted to conform with the minor changes in other models. The Series 75 Fleetwood models are also reconfigured to conform to the minor changes seen in other lines.

Production more than doubled over the previous year from 50,639 to 110,340, with the bulk of the increase in Series 62, where this model's total output outstripped total 1950 production at 81,844.

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1951 Cadillac Ad "Only Time Tells the Full Story of Its Economy"
1951 Cadillac Ad "A Big Step Closer to Perfection"
1951 Cadillac Ad "Go see it . . . for an Inspiration"
1951 Cadillac Ad "Greatest Happiness a Motorist Can Know!"
1951 Cadillac Ad "Don't be swerved from Your Purpose!"
1951 Cadillac Ad "Proudly Presenting to Canadians for 1951" (10x13)
1951 Cadillac Limousine Ad "Come Home to It"