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1963 Rambler Classic Ads

1963 brought all new styling to the Rambler Classic - and it was crisp, clean and very, very modern.

Additionally, AMC decided to return the V8 to the Rambler line. Allbeit it was a smaller version of the venerable 327, now at 287 cubes, but the fitment of the larger engine's cylinder heads made it "wake up". At a solid 198 HP, it was a good performer, something the Rambler sorely needed.

The net result was a solid sales year, with 320,019 Ramblers sold versus the 1962 total of 280,497 - a great gain of just under 40 thousand units.


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1963 Rambler Classic Ad "The new shape of quality"
1963 Rambler Classic Ad "Announcing Rambler Classic with a brand-new V-8"