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1928 Cadillac Ads

In September 1927 Cadillac presented the 1928 edition. It was now a new series - Series 341 - as the successor of the Series 314.It was once again powered by a V8 engine. For the first since 1915, the capacity of the V8 was changed. The bore went from 3.15 to 3.31" and the stroke from 5.125" to 4.937", for a total displacement of 341 CID. In addition to the dispalcement increase, the Series 341 V8 was largely new. The synchromesh transmission was also introduced in this year. The front drum brakes were also enlarged in diameter.

The wheelbase of all regular models was extended to 140", from the 132" and 138" models of 1927. The frame now extended out over the rear leaf spring holders, and the rear track was widened to a width of almost 2". Additionally, the 150" Commercial model's wheelbase increased to 152" - used for ambulances and a hearses.  

Cadillac also offered 15 lower priced models, with a price range $3350-$3950, with the bodies from Fisher Body, now a General Motors division, as well as 60 different configurations of the Fleetwood Division - also now in GM's possession.  Prices of Fleetwood designs started at $4095 and as they were custom-made moved upwards significantly.

The addition of lesser-priced models resulted in an increse in units produced from 1927's 8,599 to a whopping 20,001.

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1928 Cadillac Convertible Ad "To excell in design" (12.4x16.0)
1928 Cadillac Convertible Ad "Worthy of splendid colors that glorify the canyon's cliffs" (12.8x17.0)
1928 Cadillac 4-Passenger Sport Phaeton Ad "An emerald, platinum mounted" (16.4x21.0)
1928 Cadillac Phaeton Ad "Just as Cadillac created a vogue motor car style . . ." (10.6x14.0)
1928 Cadillac Phaeton Ad "Motorists everywhere acknowledge the newCadillac for its modern charm . . ." (10.8x14.0)
1928 Cadillac 5 Passenger Coupe Ad "Expressing a fresh flowering genius in motor car design . . ." (11.6x17.0)
1928 Cadillac Touring Car Ad "There is a world of meaning in the fact that the vast majority of those who seek the best in motoring . . ." (11.7x17.0)
1928 Cadillac Transformable Town Cabriolet Ad "Real majesty, proud dignity . . ." (12.8x17.0)