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1970 Oldsmobile Performance Car Ads

1970 Oldsmobile Performance Car Advertisements

1970 is considered the high-water mark for muscle car performance - and it surely was so at Oldsmobile. Though more performance vehicles were sold in 1969, W-30 and W-31 production climbed to its pinnacle in this year. Much of the success was due to turning the rather non-discrete W-Cars into very noticeable offerings and a huge sales campaign, featuring a multitude of color spreads and "Dr. Oldsmobile". Cars were released to the press and laudable articles followed.

To see the W-Machine specific brochure, click here.

The Rallye 350 was a mid-year (February) offering intended to compete with the road runner, but it really never went anywhere with the buying public and was dropped after one year. Many cite the color scheme, the yellow bumpers, and the lack of engine options as reasons, but The car needed to be introduced earlier in the muscle car wars to have an impact.

To see the Rallye 350 specific brochures, click here.

The Factory also released a "Indy Pace Car" commemorative convertible model, that could be had with either the 350 4 bbl. engine (same as the Rallye 350) or the standard 442's 455. The 455 car was a 442, but the 350 engined car was a Cutlass Supreme Convertible. The decals were installed by the dealer, and as such, could be left off the car.

To see factory press releases and PR photos of 1970 performance Oldsmobiles, click here.


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1970 442 W-25 2-page Ad

1970 442 W-30 2-page Ad

1970 Rallye 350 2-page Ad

1970 Indy Pace Car 1-page Ad

AC Spark plug Ad Featuring 1970 Indy Pace Car

1970 442 W-25 1-page Ad