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1956 Rambler Ads

Rambler was still trying to reidentify itself after acquiring Hudson. In fact, the "new" Hudson was merely a Rambler with some upscale trim. and a different grille (That killed that brand for sure).

At any rate, one thing that AMC did was to allow bot Hudson and Rambler dealers to sell both brands from their stores.  That really was the signal that Hudson was dead, and it would only be a year before that was true.

To this day, it is unclear why Hudson sold to AMC and why AMC even bought the brand. And all this was coing on while the negotiations with Packard were going on.  The purchase likely added to the reasons to kill the Packard deal and sent that manufacturer into the hands of Studebaker, who did the same thing.

Instead of taking on the best attributes and features of the the purchased companies, both AMC and Studebaker killed off  these brands and when on down the road, one to obscurity and the other to a distant player with the Big Three.

When Hudson sales were added into the 1956 AMC total, AMC did sell more cars than 1955, (109,281 vs. 96,079) but it would be a short-term gain since most of these were cannibalized Hudson buyers, who were soon dissillusioned and moved on to GM, Chrysler or Ford.


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1956 Rambler Ad "Make the smart switch for 56"