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1971 Oldsmobile W-43 455 Four Valve PR Photos

PR materials were sent to all automotive journalists, newspapers, magazines and any other media for use in any articles contemplated.

PR photos were taken of the W-43, the intended 1971 answer to the Hemi and the LS-6. Scheduled for mid year release, a host of shots were taken, many now lost, including those of the engine trial fit in a basre chassis. Much later, when the decision was made not to release the engine - Olds released those were taken by engineering to document the developmental program.

The lead photo is one of just a few shots done in late 1970 in anticipation of the announced release of the motor. So near, yet so, so far . .

Photos shown with an asterisk (*) are high resolution and if copied to glossy photo paper will represent like the original. 

Donated by Bob Gerometta,
with thanks to Dale Smith

PLEASE NOTE: Many of our files are available in higher resolution TIFF files or can be converted by our staff to this media. Please contact us at if you need higher resolution images for publication. Some older images were not created at high resolution initially, so high resolution copies may not be available.

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1971 W-43 455 Four Valve PR Photo*