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1971 Full Line Brochures

By 1971 Oldsmobile was using photographs almost exclusively with drawings used to depict parts.

The significant styling changes occurred in the Toronado and Big Cars, in anticipation of the coming 5 MPH bumper laws.

The engineering side remained much of what was offered in 1970. The big news was the drop in compression to 8.5:1 across the board in all engine offerings.

There were now two brochures; the Full Line "Prestige" brochures - the full line and the Toronado specific brochure. The Toronado Brochure had a deluxe, non-photo cover. An "autoshow" 16 page condensed full line brochure was also printed.

The full line Prestige and Toronado Brochures were donated by Muhammad Aljisr


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1971 Oldsmobile Prestige Brochure
PART 1 Cover thru page 19
1971 Oldsmobile Prestige Brochure
PART 2 Page 20 thru back cover
1971 Toronado Brochure
1971 Oldsmobile 16 Page handout Brochure