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1952 DeSoto Ads

DeSoto joined the Hemi ranks in 1952, offering it's own unique Hemi engine, based loosely on the Chrysler unit released in the previous year, but smaller in scale, with nothing interchangeable between the two. This year, the DeSoto Hemi displaced 276 cu. in. and made an impressive 160 HP.

Surprisingly the V8 seemed to hurt sales, perhaps because it was something new, but more likely because the styling, while new was still pretty stodgy. The Hemi resulted in 45,830 units, but sales overall dropped from 103,738 in 1951 to 93,817; not crushing, but disappointing.


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1952 DeSoto Ad "Drive as you never drove before"
1952 DeSoto Ad "Let a DeSoto demonstration convince you . . ." (10x13)
1952 DeSoto Ad "You've heard about it's amazing 160 Hp V-8 performance . . ."
1952 DeSoto Ad "The New DeSoto Firedome 8, with its mighty 160 Hp V8"
1952 DeSoto Ad "DeSoto offers the ease of Full Power Steering . . ."