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1968 Pontiac GTO Ads - Part 1

Pontiac keeps pumping out the innovations, and Motor Trend keeps giving PMD its Car of the Year award. This year the GTO receives the honor on its own merits. The main feature that influenced the MT staff this year was the new Endura front bumper system. The closed-cell-urethane-encased bumper not only added a dramatic and modern look to the all-new styling of the '68 GTO, it also provided a unique bump and dent resistant ability; an ability that came in handy whenever a GTO's front bumper was attacked with crowbars or baseball bats.

Unfortunately, production problems dealing with paint adhesion to this new rubber-like material forced Pontiac to offer an "Endura delete" option early in the production year. This delete option also provided the opportunity for "old fashioned types" who didn't like the newfangled, body-colored, energy-absorbing front bumper, the choice to have their GTO built with a bright and shiny, LeMans-style chrome unit. Only slightly over 2,100 GTOs were built in this manner.

A mid-year engine option labeled "Ram Air II" replaced the original RA engine in May. The round-shaped exhaust ports provided for better high-end breathing, but the official output ratings only provided a six horsepower advantage over the earlier D-port Ram Air engine.

Pontiac drops the 2-door sedan body style from the GTO lineup this year.

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GTO Hardtop Coupe production total: 77,704

GTO Convertible production total: 9,980

GTO production total: 87,684

Pontiac production total: 910,977


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1968 Pontiac GTO Hardtop Coupe, yellow (10 x 14) single page
1968 Pontiac GTO Hardtop Coupe, white (10 x 14) single page
1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible, gold (21 x 13.5) 2-page spread
1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible, green (10.5 x 13.5) 1-page
1968 GM/Pontiac GTO Convertible, red (21 x 13.5) 2-page spread
1968 Pontiac GTO Hardtop Coupe, black & white (5.75 x 9) 1-page, Playbill
1968 Pontiac GTO, black & white (11 x 15) 1-page
1968 Pontiac GTO, black & white (10 x 13) 1-page
1968 Pontiac GTO Hardtop Coupe, green (17 x 11) 2-page spread
1968 Pontiac GTO Hardtop Coupe, black & white (11 x 8.5) 1-page
1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible, black & white (10.25 x 13) 1-page
1968 Pontiac GTO Hardtop Coupe, green (7.8 x 15) 1-page
1968 Pontiac GTO Hardtop Coupe, green (6.5 x 9.25) 1-page
1968 Pontiac Safari magazine GTO Hardtop Coupe, light blue (17 x 11) 2-page spread
1968 Pontiac GTO Hardtop Coupe, black & white (8 x 7.75) 1-page
1968 Motor Trend contest Pontiac GTO Hardtop Coupe, black & white (8.5 x 11) 4-pages