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1965 OUS Pontiac Ads

Ads from Outside the United States appeared in magazines from various countries around the world. The most common countries in which to find these ads are Canada and Australia.

OUS ads are usually printed in the dominate language of the country in which they appear. Canadian ads can be found in two versions, English and French, with the French variants most commonly found in the Eastern Provinces.

Full-line offerings received major restyling efforts. The model lineup remained the same as 1964 with the base Strato-Chief, Laurentian, Parisienne, and at the top of the lineup was the Parisienne Custom Sport Coupe.

The down-size Acadian remained a "split personality" with the Beaumont as the mid-size A-body offering, and the Invader and Canso as the X-body compact style.

The Acadian Invader and Canso were issued 283 and 327 cubic inch V8's this year.

Canadian domestic and export production total: 117,702 (calendar year)

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1965 Pontiac Parisienne Custom Sport Coupe, black & white (9.75 x 12.75) 1 page, Canadian
1965 Pontiac Parisienne Sport Coupe, red, blue, yellow (10.5 x 13.5) 1 page, Canadian.
1965 Pontiac Parisienne Sport Coupe, red, blue, yellow (8.25 x 11) 1 page, Canadian.
1965 Pontiac Parisienne Custom Sport Coupe, yellow (8.2 x 10.9) 1 page, Canadian.
1965 Beaumont SD, sport coupe, light blue (10.5 x 13.5) 1 page.