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1970 Ford Mid-size Car Ads

The Fairlane/Torino was heavily redesigned for 1970, with a much more swoopy look. Ads featured the Torino GT and the Torino Cobra for the most part. There were artistic renditions and photographs used.

Total production was 408,312 units, an increase of 19,813 over the previous year. GT and Cobra sales dropped, largely a result in the insurance surcharges for these cars, but were still strong at 68,433.

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Torino won the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award for 1970.

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1970 Torino Ad "Torino GT - beautiful way to go!" (11x17)
1970 Torino Cobra Ad "Torino Cobra - Striking Power!" (16x11)
1970 Torino Cobra Ad "This one makes tracks!" (16.5 x 11.5)
1970 Torino Cobra Ad "Torino Cobra - Striking Power! Cobra 429 Drag Pack" (10x14)
1970 Torino Ad "Torino wins Motor Trend's Car of the Year Compatition" (16x11)
1970 Ford Torino 429 SCJ, With every 429-SCJ, we toss in a bit of LeeRoy and Cale, some high-banked ovals, and a dual-entry oil pump. (16.4 x 10.9) 2-page spread.
1970 Ford Performance Buyer's Digest order form. (8.25 x 10.8) 1 page.
1970 Ford performance models. We believe in freedom of choice. (8.2 x 11) 1 page.
1970 Ford 429. Meet the winners, and the 429 c.i.d. Ford V8! (8.3 x 11) 1 page.
1970 Ford performance engines. Ford's new street numbers for '70. (8.2 x 10.9) 1 page.
1970 Ford performance models. Your Guide to the Winning Fords (11.2 x 8.5) 2-page spread.