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1967 Mustang Ads

Mustang received a major body restyle, requiring all new body panels and additional width, finally allowing the fitment (just barely) of the FE series big block. Originally equipped only with a pretty anemic version of the 390, help would later come in mid 1968 with the famous 428 Cobra Jet. Funny how all the pieces were right there in front of the engineers, but it took Bob Tasca to convince them to put in the 7 Litre with low rise 427 heads and a more aggressive cam.

From ugh to wow in one step! But for 1967, the 390 would have to do. Aftermarket or Ford Performance pieces helped, but the motor just wasn't a performance piece, especially when compared to the Barracuda's 383 and the Camaro's 396.

Regardless, Mustang was still the pony car sales leader, with over 472,000 sold, almost doubling Camaro.

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1967 Mustang Ad "Take the Mustang pledge"
1967 Mustang Ad "Order your Mustang as hot as you like" (8.25 x 11) 1 page.
1967 Mustang Ad "You'd love to answer the call of Mustang?" (8.5 x 11) 1 page.
1967 Ford Mustang/Galaxie, “Ford's better ides for sale— (10.5 x 13.6) 1 page.
1967 Ford Mustang/Galaxie/Thunderbird, “Better ideas for sale at your Ford Dealer's now!” (10.4 x 13.6) 1 page.
1967 Ford Corporate Ad, “The 1/2 cars. Cars that are 1/2 car...1/2 you” (20.8 x 13.6) 2-page spread.
1967 Ford Mustang/LTD/Fairlane/Falcon, “Bred be first. '67 Mustang.” (21.2 x 13.7) 2-page spread. Part of an 8-page ad spread.
1967 Ford Mustang hardtop, “Strike a blow for originality!” (10.3 x 13.6) 1 page.
1967 Ford Mustang, hardtop/fastback (8.2 x 11) 1 page.
1967 Ford Mustang, hardtop/fastback (10.4 x 13.6) 1 page.
1967 Ford Mustang, motorized Mustang GT. (10.4 x 13.7) 1 page.
1967 Mustang hardtop, “More than 1.5 million Americans have taken the Mustang pledge.” (8.2 x 11) 1 page.
1967 Ford Mustang, “All in favor of the Mustang—say aye!” (21 x 13.7) 2-pages spread.
1967 Ford Mustang hardtop, “It's Sprint Time!” (10.4 x 13.6) 1 page.
1967 Mansfields Shoes/Mustang interior (8.2 x 11) 1 page buddy ad.