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1968 Buick Skylark & Special Ads

For 1968, like all other GM A-bodies, Buick released new and advanced styling.

The Buick Special Deluxe was upgraded to DeLuxe status this year, as reflected by more bright work on the restyled bodies, which now featured their own version of Buick's sculpted sweepspear. A trio of ventiports remained as a series hallmark, while bright work appeared on the window surrounds and on the lower body and wheelhouse moldings. "Special Deluxe" script was found on the rear fenders. Cloth and vinyl was used in the coupe and sedan. All-vinyl upholstery was used in the station wagon and was optional on the other models. Wipers were recessed below the hood line.

The Skylark was similar to the Special DeLuxe - more so than previous years, with the 1968 version relying on a bright metal sweep spear line, Skylark roof quarter panel emblems and "Skylark" script on the rear fenders for distinction. In place of the traditional ventiports were triple-stacked horizontal bars mounted low on each fender. A DeLuxe steering wheel and full carpeting were the most obvious Skylark interior standard features. Cloth and vinyl or all-vinyl upholstery was offered for the sedan. An all-vinyl front bench or notch back seat was offered for the two-door hardtop.

The Custom series Skylark had more bright trim and fender skirts. The sweep spear molding continued all the way to the fender skirts and a "Custom" badge appeared below the "Skylark" script on the rear fenders. Full wheel covers were standard. Interiors had padded seat cushions. The sedan was trimmed in plusher all-vinyl or vinyl and cloth - a notch back seat was available for the hardtop sedan. Convertibles came with all-vinyl trim and front bench seats with bucket seats optionally available. Seats had brushed metallic side braces, except on the buckets.

Sales reflected the new styling with 178,217 delivered - more than twice the 1967 total! 


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1968 Buick Sportwagon Ad "It looks more like a luxury car than a station wagon"
1968 Buick Skylark Ad "1968 Buick. Now we're talking your language." (10x14)