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1966 Ford Mustang Ads

And the beat goes on. Mustang continues to smash sporty car sales records. The car was changed ever so slightly on the exterior with the cross-bar removed, leaving the pony and its corral floating in the center, and a little set of of chrome inserts leading to a simulated scoop behind the door. The interior's major change was that the five-dial instrument cluster was standard.

Biggest performance change was offering the Cruiso-matic on the 271 Hi-Po engine. 607,568 Mustangs were produced, 22,128 more than 1965.

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1966 Ford Mustang Ad "So you chose a six for your Mustang . . ." (10 x 13.4)
1966 Ford Mustang Ad "Okay, you can stop asking why Mustang doesn't bolt Cruise-O-Matic behind the 271 solid lifter V-8"
1966 Ford Mustang Ad "Should a man in his 50's be allowed out in a Mustang?"
1966 Mustang Ad "Ford comes up with a real stopper!"
1966 Ford Mustang Ad "Youth is a wonderful thing - what a crime it is to waste it on children." (10x14)
1966 Ford Mustang hardtop, “Don't forget to wave when you pass your gas station."
1966 Ford Mustang hardtop Ad "Should a man in his 50's be allowed out in a Mustang?” (10.5 x 13.7)
1966 Ford Mustang Ad "If you thought we couldn't improve on a winner, try Mustang '66!" (10.5 x 13.7) Part of a 6-page, multi-model ad spread.
1966 Ford Mustang Ad "Should a harried public accountant drive a relaxed private fun car like Mustang?" (10.5 x 13.3)
1966 Ford Mustang Ad "One million Mustangs in two years!" (30.4 x 13.7) 3-page spread.
1966 Ford Mustang Ad "What do you do after you build a million Mustangs?" (10.6 x 13.75)
1966 Ford Mustang Ad Motorized Mustang GT toy (10.5 x 13.6)
1966 Ford Mustang Ad "Six and the single girl." (10.2 x 13.7)
1966 Ford Mustang Ad "Sweetheart of the Supermarket Set." (10.5 x 13.7)
1966 Ford Parts Ad “Who's got everything for your Ford?" (8.3 x 11)
1966 Ford/Paxton Mustang Ad "Red Hot Mustang" (5 x 5.25)