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1966 Sunbeam Tiger Ads

Rootes (the owner of Sunbeam)had always been insufficiently capitalised, and losses resulting from a damaging 13-week strike at one of its subsidiaries, British & Light Steel Pressings, coupled with the expense of launching the Hillman Imp, meant that by 1964 the company was in serious financial difficulties.

At the same time Chrysler was looking to boost its presence in Europe, and so a deal was struck in June 1964 in which Chrysler paid $34.44 million for a large stake in Rootes, although not a controlling one. In 1967 Chrysler was allowed to acquire a controlling interest in Rootes for a further investment of about $45 million

Selling a car powered by a competitor's engine was unacceptable to the new owner, but Chrysler's own 273 small-block V-8 was too large to fit under the Tiger's hood. And the LA small-block V8 had the distributor at the rear of the engine, unlike the front-mounted distributor of the Ford V8.

Chrysler's big-block V8 would never fit. Shortly after the takeover Chrysler added its pentastar logo to the car's badging, and  de-emphasised the Ford V8, simply describing the Tiger as having "an American V-8 power train". (See Ad at right). Chrysler ordered that production of the Tiger would end when the stock of Ford V8 engines gave out. The last Tiger was assembled on 27 June 1967.

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1966 Sunbeam Tiger Ad "World's fastest sports car priced under $3,600"