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1931 Cadillac Ads

The 1931 Series 355A Cadillac was longer and lower than the 1930 Series 353. It had a longer hood with five hood ports, with matching doors in the cowl. The floor boards were made of metal for the first time. The instrument panel was oval with the same gauge groupings as in the 353. The Series also featured a radiator screen and a single bar bumper and the headlight diameter was reduced by one inch. There was a new frame and the suspension springs now had metal covers. The engine was the same 353 CID L-Head V8 as the earlier car, so now the series designation no longer matched the displacement. A five point engine mounting, similar to the V-16 was used.

The 1931 Cadillac Series 370A V-12 was introduced in October 1930.The V-12 had a shorter wheelbase than the Cadillac V-16, with a choice of 140" or 143", but offered a similar choice of Fisher and Fleetwood semi-custom bodies. It was difficult to tell a Cadillac V-12 from a Cadillac V-16 unless you were close enough to read the figure "12" mounted on the headlight tie bar, but the hood was 4" shorter. Significant was that the V-12 cost about $2,000 less for each bodystyle.

After the peak in V-16 orders in mid-1930, production fell precipitously. During October 1930, only 54 cars were built. The lowest figures for the 452/452A cars were August 1931 and November 1931  where 7 and 6 units were built respectively. In essence, the V12 stole the V16's thunder, and arriving in the midst of the Depression, no one should be surprised.

Production for 1931 tells the tale completely: Series 355A V8 - 10,717; Series 370A V12 - 5,733; Series 452A V16 - 363 -  for a less than solid total of 16,813 Cadillacs, down 12,438 from 1930. Only the LaSalle's independent sales of 10,103 kept Cadillac in the game.

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1931 Cadillac V-8 Seven-Passenger Sedan Ad "It has been a great privilege . . ." (10.4 x14.0)
1931 Cadillac V-8 Town Sedan Ad "For many years the Cadillac Mortor Car Company devoted all its energies . . ." (10.4 x14.0)
1931 Cadillac V-8 Roadster Ad "It has often been said that deep in the hearts of a majority of motorists , , , " (10.4 x14.0)